White Labeling

Behind The Scenes! In addition to our Casa Visco sauce being displayed prominently in hundreds of stores across the nation, we are also in locations under other labels and brands. It’s a process called white labeling. We work with a variety of companies to create sauces, under their name, that they can feel good about. For example, we are very proud to work with Beekman 1802. We produce a sauce coined “Mortgage Lifter” that is in the Beekman 1802 section of Target stores throughout the country. We use tomatoes and herbs grown on small local farms and add no extra fillers. Lately, we’ve noticed some of the larger sauce companies are also working to brand themselves as “local”, farm friendly and healthy. However, even though their products being marketed as such, it doesn’t mean it is supported by fact. So, this is why it’s important to read labels, do a little research and find out what’s actually in what you are eating. At Casa Visco we use no added salt or sugar. We always use fresh garlic and onion, not dried. We also add fresh heirloom (local farm) tomatoes where 25 percent of profits go to help small farms. The founders of Casa Visco, our family, believed in using natural ingredients and we’ve chosen to keep that tradition alive. It’s because we care about your family. We care about you!