Our Team
At Casa Visco, our most important
ingredient is our staff!

Adine Viscusi
Head Bottle Washer

Adine has grown up in the business and tries to spend her time on Sales & Marketing. She manages the
Distributors, retailers and broker network and works with new and existing Private Label customers. As
an Italian woman, her real job is to feed people good food and the fact that she can do that for a living is
life’s second biggest blessing. Her first blessing is being a Mom to Joseph, Frankie and Colden. Her favorite
sauce is like asking to pick between her three sons. She is a fan of The Rolling Stones and Rage against the

William Emerick
Warehouse Manager

20 years of experience gives Bill the perfect mix of edge and season to Casa Visco’s Warehouse
Department. As the Warehouse Manager, keeping a close eye on what is shipped and received, and maintaining a top notch, organized facility are some of his many responsibilities. Having married in to the Viscusi Family, it seems only natural that he uses his extensive expertise to benefit the success of the family business. Bill has two sons, Will & Cameron. His favorite sauce is Vodka Cream and favorite band is the Grateful Dead.

David Garrison
Production Manager

Dave began working at Casa Visco at the tender age of 19 and for close to three decades has been an integral part of its success. From creating recipes, to managing the production, Dave’s vast knowledge of Casa Visco’s mission and relentless drive to exceed expectations make him irreplaceable. He and his wife proudly have a son at Adelphi University. His favorite sauce is Filetto di Pomodoro and his musical choice is Ozzy Osbourne.

Krista Gallup
Office Manager

The newest addition to the Casa Visco team, as Office Manager Krista enjoys providing excellent customer service and keeping the day to day operations on the business end of Casa Visco running smoothly. Krista is ready to roll up her sleeves and dive into the business now that her youngest of three sons is off to college. Garlic Lover’s California Style Pizza Sauce is Krista’s favorite, followed closely by the Steak Sauce and Joe’s Great Goulash Sauce! Krista loves all things 80’s when it comes to music, but doesn’t limit her listening options.

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