Hello – I rarely do this, but I felt compelled to compliment your company for the quality and consistency of you sauces. I grew up in the Utica area, as you know we have a wonderful Italian food tradition here. I have never found a bottled sauce that was, both regional or national that I would use for cooking at home. A year ago I purchased some Casa Visco on a whim, I was so impressed by the quality, never have I said that about a bottled sauce. I like to make sauce from scratch, but when I can’t I finally have an excellent product to use off the shelf.

M. Valentine

The sauces made are better than the big brands in the store. Made with love locally. Casa visco is a company with a big heart.

Kathleen S.

My wife and I have been using Casa Visco sauce on our pasta for more than 30 yrs.

Gerry L.

Love all the sauces!!

Pat V.

It really is the best sauce ever. Better than most homemade sauce” We love it so much that we’re trying to get it to come to Lincolnton North Carolina. If not, I order it directly from the company.

Jacki A.

I recently started making my own pizza. I found your sauce and now I can’t use anything else. It is perfect. Thank you for sharing.

Rebecca H.

First let me say that I love, love, love the Casa Visco sauce. Recently a relative brought out a case of the hot and mild FraDiavolo sauce. The same sauce that I grew up on in Schenectady. It was exactly like I remembered. Is there a possibility that I can order a case?

Shawn G.

I am glad to have found your sauce again I used to live in New York state and would buy because it had no added sugar. I just found it at a local Giant Food in Falls Church Virginia.

Monte N.

Falls Church, VA

I usually make my own sauce. Finally I noticed Casa Visco Pizza sauce and was happy to find a short list of quality ingredients, free of Chemicals and sugar. I am going to ask the manager of my local Key Foods to stock this and more Casa Visco Products. Thank you for a great product, I hope you will continue to provide good foods with good simple ingredients for consumers like us.

Lynne A.

Brooklyn, NY

It doesn’t get better than this!! Great products, but more importantly, great people who put care into everything they do!!

Tony S.

Love casa visco products

Alice M.

Love them all but my favorite is marinara!!

Pat V.

Love your sauce!

Denise G.

We love your products and always have a big jar on hand. Pizza tonight with Casa Visco sauce.

Patrick M.

As a native Schenectady (born & raised), when I thought of things I love, your sauce was at the top of the list. Casa Visco sauce is the only option when I’m looking to buy sauce. I got a jar of Awesome Sauce from when I attended your anniversary party and I went through it more quickly than I had hoped 🙂

Jessica. S.

I am very fond of Joe’s Pasta Sauces I would appreciate if you could tell me where I might find it in Grandview MO?

Mrs. Pat S.

Grandview, MO

My Family has been making homemade pizza for generations, but in the past 10 years we have been buying the sauce instead of making it we have tried many different brands but recently have switched to Casa ViscoItalian style because it is just a great taste and at 4.15 it is very affordable.

Nina P. White

Marsh, MD

You made my day. Have a wonderful day and thank you for providing a healthy sauce for my family-you have a lifelong customer who will definitely refer business to your sauce.

Maria D.

Poughkeepsie, NY