AdineViscusi, Owner of Casa Visco, A Leading Natonal Sauce Manufacturer, Petitions Jimmy Fallon to Be A Guest on the Show; Topic Idea –Delicious Foods in Schenectady, NY!

May 3, 2017

Adine can share secrets about upstate eating and living!

 (SCHENECTADY, NY)–Adine Viscusi, owner of Casa Visco, a popular sauce company headquartered in upstate New York, is always on the go. Whether it’s heading to trade shows, running the company, cooking delicious meals or trying new foods, there is one thing that remains constant. She ends her day with Jimmy! The sauce business isn’t always easy street and she needs his humor to keep her sane. “My husband and I have been watching Jimmy for many years and we are major fans. Nobody can make us laugh like he does. I know he loves us folks in upstate New York, which started me thinking about a possible segment on the foods of Schenectady, NY,” said Adine.

Food tastingOver the past several years Schenectady has made great strides forward. The theater is thriving and businesses are doing well. When it comes to food though, the city is a gem. It is a leader not only in great restaurants but also in food manufacturing. There is Casa Visco, a family run business that has been around for many years. However, thereis also Pede Bros.(pasta makers), Sidoni’s Sausage, Gatherer’s Granola, Wolf Hollow Brewing Company, and Capoccia Vineyards and Winery. But wait… there’s more! Beekman 1802, founded by Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, can be found in the heart of Schenectady. A portion of the company that specializes in gourmet food and coolproducts is located downtown. “I absolutely love the fabulous Beekman Boys! We help each other out in many ways. Although, I must admit I’m no expert in getting goats to appear on camera,” said Adine. Brent and Josh have consulted with and learned a lot from Adine about national product distribution. They currently operate a mercantile, have a bestselling cookbook and memoir, host a popular website and provide a tourism destination.

There are also many popular restaurants in the downtown area from Italian to Asian to Moroccan. “When it comes to Moroccan food there is no better place than Tara Kitchen. They also sell sauce in stores such as Whole Foods,” said Adine.

In keeping with NYC tradition, Adine absolutely loves a great pizza pie! It’s a big focus of Casa Visco. They have gained significant traction with their popular selection of pizza sauces. Focusing in on the pizza sector they became the #1 DSD brand in New England, placed in almost every major grocery chain. The specialized product can now be found in 33 states. “We add new items every few years to remain relevant and watch food trends.  We want to provide the highest quality of sauce from our family to yours. We don’t process our sauce like the major producers do, we take the time to make the sauce the way you would at home. We use natural ingredients, slowly cooked in small batches. We include fresh garlic, onion, and pure olive oil. This is true to the traditions of the past and firmly rooted in the heritage of my grandmother Carmella who passed out tomato sauce from her garden. We honor her roots by looking forward to understand what matters most to us; providing a delicious sauce you can be proud to serve your family,” said Viscusi.

“When it comes to Jimmy’s show we are open to any and all possibilities. We can bring a caravan of folks from Schenectady with delicious foods for tasting. We love our region and want to celebrate it in a big way, “ said Adine.



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