Casa Visco goes organic; new product line released from leading national sauce manufacturer

Jan 12, 2017


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Casa Visco goes organic; new product line
released from leading national sauce manufacturer

SCHENECTADY, NY (November 10, 2016) – Casa Visco, a leading national manufacturer of tomato sauces today announced the creation of a new organic product line featuring three different styles of sauces: Pizza, Homestyle and Marinara.

“We are very excited to expand into this new territory of producing health-conscious, organic sauces and bringing them to market,” said AdineViscusi, president of Casa Visco. “So far, we’ve received very positive feedback on the new organic line; everyone has been raving about the taste, quality and in particular- our new packaging design.”

Casa Visco plans to debut the new organic sauces at the KeHe Summer Selling Show in New Orleans, this February, and has been in ongoing discussions with grocers and retailers to get the sauce on store shelves.

According to the Organic Trade Association, organic is the fastest growing sector of the U.S. food industry. 2015 saw $43.3 billion in total product sales, and organic food sales have seen increases of more than tenpercent annually for the past four years, exceeding the growth rate of the overall food market.

Organic agriculture, which is governed by strict government standards, requires that products bearing the organic label are produced without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, genetic engineering or other excluded practices, sewage sludge, or irradiation.

In addition, animals that produce meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products which do not take antibiotics or growth hormones are also eligible to be labeled as organic.

Casa Visco is using a combination of organic locally grown heirloom tomatoes from Denison Farms and imported 100% organic tomatoes from Italy for their new organic sauces.

“It’s difficult for smaller companies like us to procure a significant amount ofdomestically grown organic produce as they tend to get scooped up by the national brands. When the Italian organic tomatoesbecame available, we had to buy a full years’ worth, but we knew we did not want to miss the opportunity to expand our product line with these organic alternatives for consumers,” said Viscusi.

Casa Visco is intent on buying locally sourced agriculture whenever possible, but find that the limited growing season and crop output in New York makes it necessary to look beyond state borders to places like California and further to countries like Italy that don’t face the same seasonal restrictions. The team at Casa Visco has been dedicated to assisting with the drought situation occurring in California during the past five years by targeting a greater portion of their agricultural purchases locally. Casa Visco has had a Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) relationship with local family farm Denison Farms for the past ten years.

When it comes to making great sauces, Viscusi said her focus is to always provide Safe Quality Food (SFQ), but she feels compelled to go further.“My ultimate goal is to create sauces that my grandmother would approve of; they have to taste like our past.”

Viscusi likens buying food to voting, saying that when people purchase food, where and how they do that, has a great impact on the food industry. She encourages people to shop and buy locally made and seasonally grown products when they can, and emphasizes that what we eat impacts our health in immeasurable ways.

“We truly believe that what we do is a sacred thing by creating products that help people feed their families. Food is so much more than just sustenance, it also feeds the soul, and can gather a family around the table,” adds Viscusi.

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