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Apr 19, 2016


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“Casa Visco” Owner Adine Viscusi Achieves a Healthy Lifestyle While Continuing to Honor and Enjoy The Simple Pleasures She Loves Most in Life

The Family Sauce Is in Locations Throughout the Nation and the Company has Experienced Tremendous Growth Under Adine Viscusi’s Leadership

 (Schenectady, NY) – Adine Viscusi, who owns Casa Visco, a leading national manufacturer of pizza and pasta sauces headquartered in upstate New York, manages to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even though she is surrounded by delicious delectable pleasures day in and day out. Adine takes food seriously, but also commits to staying healthy. She said, “What on earth is more important than your health or your family? My husband and I try model an active healthy lifestyle for our kids. Stay active, eat real food and you won’t have to worry so much. Skip the processed stuff. Food should be a PLEASURE; it should not just fill your belly, but rather nourish and sustain you. What could be better than sitting down to a homemade meal with family and friends around the table?”

When Adine is not on the road showcasing Casa Visco sauces, she enjoys preparing the family dinner. “It’s communal and it’s elemental. It is one of my daily pleasures in life. Also, to enjoy a glass of wine with a lovely dinner, tends to slow the meal down and enhance the experience. I try and be very mindful around the table. Dinner is always at 6.30, napkins are used, conversation is enjoyed and candles are lit. The table should be a haven.”

After spending hours in the kitchen on a Sunday, she usually isn’t starving for the meal because she’s been tasting it every step of the way. She also focuses on making tasty veggies as the main entree with meat as a side dish. She makes mindful choices when eating out. “I definitely use portion control. I try not to serve too may carbs, but really how do you make less than a pound of pasta? It’s impossible for me! Also, when eating out, which I love to do, I once heard this piece of advice. If you are eating out because of a time constraint, or crazy kid schedules, or because it’s just convenient, then you should eat as healthy as you can. If, on the other hand, you are celebrating something or out for a special occasion, you should eat whatever you want and enjoy it. Don’t use the excuse of eating out to eat something bad for you.”

Adine doesn’t read labels because she instinctively knows smart choices. She also really embraces fitness and yoga classes. This helps her physical and mental health. “I don’t feel comfortable if I skip working out. That is ME time,” she said.

For anyone trying to become just a little bit healthier, Adine has these easy tips. Pick what you’d like to try!

  • Build exercise into your week. Plan it, put it on the schedule and do it.
  • Portion control – know what you really need for healthy servings
  • Eat as clean as you can, but make nothing off limits.  Simply make it a ‘once in a while’ food and enjoy it!
  • Limit your meat, especially factory-farmed meat.
  • Shop and eat locally, real food from real people.

This past year Casa Visco has gained greater national recognition after being approached by Beekman1802 to design a sauce for their line of artisanal products. It has since gained national distribution in 1500 Target stores. Beekman1802 is comprised of Brent Ridge and Joshua Kilmer-Purcell. They were winners of the Amazing Race in 2012 and now have a TV Show on HGTV. The partners currently operate a Mercantile, have a bestselling cookbook and memoir, host a popular website and provide a tourism destination. This has all been inspired by their farm, located in Sharon Springs, NY. It is yet another example of a company who utilizes local products.

Casa Visco has also gained significant traction with their popular selection of pizza sauces. Focusing in on the pizza sector they became the #1 DSD brand in New England, placed in almost every major grocery chain. The specialized product can now be found in 33 states.

Additional Info About Casa Visco:

In 1945, Carmella and Joseph Viscusi, Sr. started Viscusi Wholesale Grocers, Inc., a small wholesale grocery business. The business specialized in selling Italian food products to restaurants and grocery stores. At the request of their customers, Carmella and Joseph, working out of the basement of their home, started to bottle and sell Carmella’s famous homemade spaghetti sauce under the Casa Visco name.

Since it’s humble beginning, Casa Visco has grown substantially. Casa Visco now operates a state of the art automated facility. Our commitment to quality has not changed, a family member still oversees each batch of sauce that is manufactured. Casa Visco’s emphasis on the use of quality ingredients and homemade goodness has led to being the #1 DSD Brand Pizza sauce in all of New England.

Casa Visco currently exports its products to several countries. Casa Visco has the high quality products that importers demand, at prices that really work in overseas markets. For information about export services, contact us at 518-377-8814 or by email at

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