Dear Earliest Beekman Neighbor,

Nov 19, 2015

Remember the note we sent you this past summer? We mentioned that there were some big things coming up this fall for Beekman. And because you’ve been a Beekman neighbor longer than most anyone, we asked if you would keep an eye on us as we grow. Well, the two big things are here now, and we could really use your help!

1. The Beekman 1802 Farm Pantry products in Target stores.

2. The Beekman 1802 Almanac magazine.

So, how can we use your help? (Nope, we’re not ashamed to ask for a little help from our longtime neighbors.) Simply put: We need you to help us get the word out! You know we’re still a small business, based in rural Sharon Springs. We don’t have the marketing money like big food producers or media giants. Yet we’re competing against them.

If you haven’t heard about our new Beekman 1802 Farm Pantry products in Target, they’re 48 new food products that have ingredients sourced from small American farms and give back a percentage of profits to small farms. We’re going to send out an email with more details this week, but for now, we would really appreciate it if you have a moment, to visit one of the Target stores on this list and let us know what you think of the products and display. (There’s a picture of the display below to help you find it.) If you try any of the products, please send us honest feedback on our recipes. And please spread the word to your friends about the launch. We have to make a big splash out of the gate for the program to continue.

And the Beekman 1802 Almanac magazine is nearing the end of its test phase. We need to move A LOT of copies in order for us to get the green-light to produce quarterly issues. If you can help us by letting folks know where you found yours, or picking up some extra copies for friends, or even move the remaining issues to the front of the sales rack so people can find them better. All of this will really help…we only have a few weeks left. We’d love to keep producing the magazine, but it’s a steep hill to compete against major magazines. Anything you can do to help sales numbers would be greatly appreciated. (Stores carrying the Almanac can be found here.)

But absolutely most most most importantly: we want to know what you think of these new projects. Our little team worked so hard on them both, and we hope they’ll succeed and live up to your expectations as a Beekman. Thank you for growing with us…and we’ll share results of these two projects as soon as we have them.

xoxo & fingers crossed…..josh&brent

p.s. To help you find it, here’s what the display looks like in Target:

Beekman shelf
Beekman Almanac


Around-the-World Hot Cocoa Spice Kit

Beekman Cocoa Spice KitImagine taking a trip around the globe with differently spiced cocoas. Each Around-the-World Hot Cocoa Spice Kit contains nine tins of spices. Simply add pinches of different spices (according to the recipes included) to your favorite hot chocolate, and enjoy Mexican, Scandinavian, Spanish, Asian and Italian hot chocolates. 65.00 | Learn more


B. 1802 Goat Tattoo Union Suit

Beekman Union Suit
The Union Suit was first created in nearby Utica, NY in 1868 as an alternative, less-restrictive undergarment for women. It got its name from its one-piece form – a union of top and bottom. As often happens with great ideas, this comfortable invention was soon co-opted by upstate New York men. 48.00 | Learn more


New! Beekman 1802 Drawing Salve

The Drawing Salve is an old remedy that would have sat on the shelves at the original Beekman 1802 Mercantile. It worked then and still works today, helping to draw out infection and particularly splinters. The Beekman 1802 salve is made with olive oil and activated charcoal, blended with lavender and clove essential oils. 12.00 | Learn more


New! Blood Orange Cranberry Raspberry Spread

Beekman Blood Orange Cranberry Raspberry Spread
“This succulent preserve uses our sweetest autumn raspberries and citrus from our oranges to add an irresistible perk to all your favorite dishes.”| Learn more



Beekman FlapJax
We like a hearty breakfast on the farm. The way we figure: a full stomach = a full day of chores. So we add hearty, toasty graham flour to our Heirloom Recipe Griddle Cake mix to make it extra fortifying. And of course we include goat milk & organic spices too. Did we mention it’s made right here in Sharon Springs?< 10.95 | Learn more


New! Fruitcake Stuffing Mix

Beekman Stuffing
Several years ago – before the cookbooks, before the TV shows – we posted a recipe on our website for Fruitcake Stuffed Pork Chops. At the time, we thought it was simply a delicious way to use up leftover holiday fruitcake. Little did we know it would become one of the most popular recipes on our site. 12.95 | Learn more


New! Hand-turned pen with black walnut

Beekman Pens
William Beekman likely signed his name with a plume and an ink well, but thankfully a local 14 year old entrepreneur craftsmen has something easier to use but equally beautiful. Handcrafted Locally by Derek Countryman who has been turning pens for 2 1/2 years. He collects scrap wood comes from local mills to re-purpose into these beautiful ink pens. 29.00 | Learn more


New! Handwoven Autumn 2015 Hand Towel – Lmtd Edition

Beekman Towels
These Limited Edition Fall 2015 Hand Towels were created by our Master Weaver, Karen Tenney representing the autumn harvest at Beekman Farm.Entirely hand woven of 100% rustic linen/cotton cloth, heirloom quality to last for generations. Towel patterns – tomato, carrots, leeks, beets 25.00 | Learn more


Honey & Oats Goat Milk Scrub Bar

Beekman Honey & Oats Goat Milk Scrub Bar
We’re kinda famous for our honey, and we’ve preached for years about how great it is for your skin. We haven’t talked much about oatmeal…but it’s great for skin too, and helps scrub away dry skin cells. 15.00 | Learn more


New! Lincoln Shawl

Beekman Lincoln Shawl
In the 19th century, it was commonplace for men to wear what we would now call a “shawl”. These large wool garments formed an important part of outerwear for carriage riding, sitting in drafty rooms, and general warmth. The Beekman 1802 Lincoln Shawl is based on the stripe pattern of the original but modified by having fewer stripes, and a size that works for modern men & women. We used a satin weave for the stripes just as in the original shawl. 275.00 | Learn more


New! Minetto Knitted Pillow

Beekman Minetto Knitted Pillow
What is more cozy and romantic than a boyfriend sweater… other than a pillow made from one. Super soft cotton backed pillow is the perfect place to rest your dreaming head. 90.00 | Learn more


New! Peppermint Stick Goat Milk Hot Fudge

Beekman Peppermint Stick Goat Milk Hot Fudge
According to folklore a German choirmaster wishing to remedy the noise caused by children in his church during the Christmas eve nativity story, asked a local candy maker for some sweet sticks for them. . Stick a spoon in a jar of our peppermint hot fudge, and you’ll be silenced, too. (Your eyes may also roll to the back of your head) 12.00 | Learn more


New! Spiced Wine Tart Cherry Spread

Beekman Spice Wine Tart Cherry Spread
On Beekman 1802 Farm we like our fruit with a little attitude (and a little tipsy doesn’t hurt either!) Made with real cherries, Burgundy wine reduction, ginger & spices, this Spiced Wine Tart Cherry Spread is incredible as a condiment for turkey, chicken, duck, pork or game. But it’s equally delicious with cheese, cheesecake or ice cream. 10.75 | Learn more


New! Tin Types and Tall Tales Note Cards

Beekman Tin Types and Tall Tales Note Cards
Every picture tells a story. After finding a collection of antique tin types we started wondering about the stories of these long-forgotten people. If only they could talk again! We could not find them. We asked local authors James Rasin and Carl Waldman to create folk lore based on these images. These “micro-bios” will charm and enchant you. 22.00 | Learn more


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