From one generation to the next… family recipes stay alive

If there’s two things Adine Viscusi, of Casa Visco, is passionate about in life, it’s food and family. In Adine’s world they are so intricately intertwined; one simply doesn’t happen without the other. Viscusi recently put together a cookbook entitled Jewels from...
New York State Maker Summit

New York State Maker Summit

Adine has been selected to speak at the first New York State Maker Summit. The summit takes place on March 24th at the Desmond Hotel in Albany, NY. The Maker Summit will be a day of making, learning and networking! Save

Women’s Community Leadership Network

Adine has been invited to speak before the Women’s Community Leadership Network which is in the Albany, NY region! The event, on March 17th, is all about women in business. Adine is planning to share the challenges and successes she has had since becoming the owner of...