Festadella Donna

Mar 8, 2016

Adine Viscusi celebrated “Festadella Donna” with the Sons of Italy. She was proud to be their guest speaker. You might be asking – What is “Festadella Donna”? It’s an international celebration of women. The custom started in Italy, some say in Rome, in the year 1946. Men began giving their wives, mothers, daughters, and other women friends sprigs of bright yellow Mimosa flowers on March 8th. Women have since also started to give Mimosa gifts to each other. The flowers are intended as a sign of respect for each woman and are also an expression of solidarity in the support of oppressed women worldwide.

Those who are acquainted with Adine know that she is very supportive and active when it comes to issues that affect women. She walks the walk in helping women to achieve their professional and personal best by inspiring them through her own life stories.

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